At Sporting NJ we develop our teams and players for tomorrow. There’s no greater place in the country to do this. New Jersey is no doubt the soccer hot-bed of America with a great player pool to provide high quality training and education to.

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Our PlayerPrep™ System

Our team training sessions are taken seriously. We push players to find a comfort zone- mentally and environmentally- on the field to the point where confidence, knowledge and technical skill become fundamental. All of this takes places with the guidance of our system PlayerPrep™ training model.

With the model, we focus on 25 key elements of successful play and endorse them vigorously, to the point where our youth player can recite them back to us. This helps them understand our approach and components of the game they should always be assessing themselves as they grow older.

Team Training Packages

  • Entire Season
    • About 30 Training Sessions

  • Yearly
    • About 60 Training Sessions + 10 For Winter Training

  • Entire Club Training
    • Multiple Teams for 1 season minimum

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